How to Repair Damaged Mac Entourage File: Comprehensive Guidelines

Follow the below mentioned procedure to recover all kinds of lost emails from Entourage Application

Step 1:

Install and open the automatic Mac Entourage repair software. Open the entourage database file with the tool. It the location of the file is shown as as default then select the default path in the textbox provided.

Step 2:

The next step is to begin the scanning process. Click on the start button. A message box with the database file recovery will pop up as shown below.

You can easily the preview of deleted mails, inbox, and all other lost entourage items.

Step 3:

The next steps is to save the recovered items. Click on the 'file' menu option then press on the 'save file' option. A dialog box asking the 'destination folder' will will pop up. Here the recovered file will be stored with the name 'main identity.rge' which can easily import on entourage.